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NBN Phone Systems

What is a NBN compatible phone system?

An NBN phone system is an IP enabled phone system where phone calls are made via the internet. As technology evolves away from copper-based services, calls are made over the IP network independent of the underlying technology. What this means is that when the NBN finally switches off copper phone and data services in your area, you will need one of these systems to continue using telephony and related services over the NBN.

How does this affect your business?

As the NBN roll out continues across the country the NBN Co upgrades the traditional copper telecommunications infrastructure and ISDN technology shuts down. Once complete the existing copper services are removed and you are left with faster internet however the way your business telecommunications work will change. It is of upmost importance to make sure your businesses phone systems are up to date will work with the NBN.

Once the NBN Is in your area you will be given a bit of time to migrate your services to an NBN solution. This will affect your internet service, phone lines, phone systems and analog infrastructure such as POS, alarms, fax, lift phones etc.

You could always bypass the NBN and take up an offering with a telco directly (such as a TPG Fibre1000 which has been very popular with customers) but this is usually more expensive than an NBN option

Features and Benefits

A new system provided by us will give you everything you have enjoyed in the past, plus more:

  • Competitive call rates
  • Variety of handsets
  • Andoid, IOS and Windows softphones (use your mobile or PC/laptop as your extension without the need for a desk phone to make and receive calls)
  • Use Chrome Browser as your phone
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Access from anywhere
  • Ease of use
  • Web conferencing
  • One system to handle calls for multiple branches/sites

Are we NBN ready?

The easiest way to determine this would be to contact us today and we can perform an NBN audit to determine I you are NBN ready or not. We are Certified NBN Business Advisers.