Integrating a Pergola with C-Bus Wiser over RS-232 Part 1

Posted on 15 June 2020

In this two-part video series, we show you the steps on how to integrate a Teleco powered Pergola system with C-Bus Wiser Automation Controller.


  • Working pergola with remote transmitter.
  • Working C-Bus system with Wiser. See this video on getting started with the C-Bus Wiser.
  • Teleco RS-232 interface for TVLINK systems subsequently paired with Teleco pergola motor.
  • RS-232 DBg Adapter (male/DTE) wired into 5500 SHAC RS-232 terminal.
  • Ideally a C-Bus Touch Panel or eDLT switch to accept human inputs.
  • LUA Scripting to interface between these inputs and the RS-232 terminal on C-Bus side.


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