Wireless and Mobility – network

Wireless and Mobility

Wireless and Mobility

Wireless LAN technology is bringing new productivity to enterprises, allowing access for more people more of the time. At Integration Partners, our Wireless and Mobility solutions offer the latest mobile technologies, seamlessly integrated into your network infrastructure.

We use best-of-breed technology for intelligent access points that reach every corner of your campus. We can provide solutions for all wireless devices, including smartphones, laptops and IP phones. And, our mesh network portfolio of products offers the most flexible, comprehensive wireless solution available today, with smart antennas, integrated and adaptive routing capabilities and advanced security enhancements. We can even integrate Unified Communications into your wireless solution, so your remote workers have a full set of tools that match the office work environment.

Naturally, our wireless solutions are highly secure, scalable and fully supported by our engineering team, so you can run your business with confidence–anywhere, anytime.

Also, we can perform active and passive site surveys to either prepare your environment or check your deployment for full covereage.
Mobile Device Management and Identity Access Management MDM/IAM ) gives you the end-to-end visibility and control of enterprise IAM all the way to mobile endpoints. And you’ll realize significant operational efficiencies through improved enforcement of policy and controls around mobile access.
We can implement both Cloud based and On-Premise/Controller based Solutions for both WLAN and MDM/IAM
We prefer Cisco/Meraki, Xirrus and AirWatch


• MDM Integration
• Secure Guest provisioning solutions
• Voice & multimedia applications
• Integration to existing directories.
• 802.11n/ac, WLAN security switch clustering
• Location & identity-based controls
• WIDS/WIPS protection for hack prevention
• Wireless performance monitoring
• Site-surveys (Active/passive)

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