Faq – network


Do you do T&M work?

Yes we can provide you time and materials and fixed priced projects.

What are the main product lines you carry or support?

We are vendor agnostic and have skills/resources across the board (after being in the industry for over 20 years) but most requested vendors include Cisco, HP, Fortinet, Riverbed Juniper, VMWare, Xirrusm Citrix, Check Point, IBM, Websense and Microsoft.

Do you prefer Azure or AWS?

A very common question but really depends on what customer is trying to achieve with workloads etc.

What kind of support packages do you offer?

Our support packages range in size and coverage, we offer continuous 24/7 monitoring and benchmarking through the use of our SysAlert service all the way down to “Up, Down” Device alerts. Our SysAlert service allows monitors your system without missing anything. Reporting can be accessed monthly or in real time, distributed via email, instant messaging or by phone.

We have a small job, do you only work on large projects?

No, we cater to a range of different sized jobs. We can customise our service to meet your business’ needs, whether they are on a large or small scale.

Is it possible to hire equipment for a one-off event?

Yes, you can hire equipment for a one-off event, whether it be a single switch or 1RU server right up to a fully populate Cisco Catalyst 6500s. Call us today to discuss your needs.

We are taking part in a trade show, are we able to hire equipment for a couple of days?

We will facilitate just about any request, if you need the equipment for a few days we can accommodate this requirement, with or withpout a technical resources. We can provide you with a single switch, router or 1RU server up to Cisco systems and blade centre enclosures for a major data centre migration.

We are a small business, we require a solution that meets our needs, not one that has been designed for a large business. Can you help?

Some of our happiest clients are smaller businesses; they enjoy the fact that we are able to adapt our sophisticated technology and solutions to their requirements.

Are engineers available intrastate and interstate?

Yes, highly skilled engineers are sourced in both metropolitan and regional areas.

We already have the hardware, are you able to set up our devices and connectivity to our private cloud?

Yes, this possible, we would charge for time and materials or a simple fixed cost (depending on job at hand. Call us for a quote.