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Cloud Services

When companies are thinking about migrating to the cloud, they sometimes think it is all or nothing. This is not usually the end result- a serverless environment. Some do achieve this but many do not- for whatever reason. We see in the field that most companies maintain a hybrid environment where they still have traditional on-premises systems and then other workloads and environments running in say AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. The combinations are many and can be confusing that is why there are many considerations that come into play when looking at this.

Cloud computing provides rapid access to dynamically scalable and virtualized IT resources. As a new consumption and delivery model, cloud computing is enabling businesses to reduce costs and improve service levels. With its adoption predicted to get wider over the next decade, it will result in a transformation of IT.

We will present a vendor agnostic approach depending on requirements. This is one of the great advantages of cloud where we no longer use one vendor with it’s suite of products that are not necessary best of breed in their individual categories. Whether it be Office 365 or AWS for big data or Salesforce for CRM or the plethora of other providers we can help make the right decisions from planning to execution and integration to management.
Have you considered the following before delving into the cloud:

What pieces of your existing network and security infrastructure will need to be architected to ensure high performance and hardened security?

Which of your applications are the best fit for deployment to a third party cloud provider?

What applications have inherent interdependencies and will performance be hampered moving to the cloud?

Will end user performance be affected and how do your guarantee customer satisfaction if you move to the cloud?

What is your application performance SLA and can your cloud provider support those SLA’s?

What is the agreed upon measure for performance between you and your Cloud provider?

Which applications and OSes need to be updated in order to be “Cloud Ready”?

It doesn’t matter if your moving some or all of your applications to the Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud environments, Network Now can help you in your journey to the Cloud!

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